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Smartoftasia is an advanced technology and development company based in Bangkok with 25 highly experienced personnel providing services ranging from web to mobile, native or hybrid, database management, hosting, and big data.

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ERP & CRM Systems

With our team of experts in-house, we offer trusted advice and exceptional service to maximize the return your IT functions can bring. We deliver increased value through enhanced performance.

Data Analysis

We help you fully use analytics to understand your customers through multidimensional segmentation strategies better. We aim to give companies the right tools to achieve their goals.

Web Platforms

We create fully responsive websites, web applications, and E-commerce stores, as well as specialized mobile applications with world-class expertise design combined with precision technical skills tailored to the business objectives at hand.

Native mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are an absolute necessity for a business aiming to be successful now and in the future, offering impeccable native iOS and Android capabilities that run smoothly alongside the device functions for optimal performance.