Our Services & Methodology

Web applications

Over the past few years there has been a fundamental shift in the role of websites, from acting as little more than on-line brochures to being a key component Рoften the only component Рof a company’s relationship with its customer, adopted by millions of businesses as a relatively inexpensive means of communicating, exchanging information and making transactions. And, as the number of businesses embracing the benefits of doing business over the web increases, so web applications, in the form of submit fields, enquiry and login forms, shopping carts, and content management systems will continue to grow.

At SmartSoftAsia, we have the talent and experience to design and develop web applications, tailor-made for your business, that will improve your operating efficiencies, build and engage new customers and add new channels to your marketing mix. We deliver, cost effectively and on budget, fully responsive Websites, Web applications, E-Commerce and ERP that allow you to control your content; designed and developed by specialists who have deep understanding of business objectives as well as the brilliant technical skills needed.

Mobile applications

Without a doubt, the future is mobile, and mobile apps are now a prerequisite for forward looking companies. The demand for access to information and applications is surging as consumer preferences and behavior spill over into the business workplace and as Mobile Technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location.

As technology improves, the demands for fast performance, high user acceptance, and better quality are being met. Increasingly the early constraints imposed by screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations are being overcome, providing the ideal conditions for accelerated growth.

SmartSoftAsia designs high performance iOS and Android apps that integrate seamlessly with handset functionalities. Built with the latest leading-edge mobile technology, and designed by highly skilled and innovative designers, our apps can help you liberate data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision making and better engage with consumers, in order to maximize your returns and achieve business objectives.

IT Consultancy

Specialist IT consultancy services can help your business better control and manage its IT

infrastructure and improve its overall IT service delivery by adding specialized knowledge and expertise to your existing company resources. Strategy development, business and technology road-mapping, IT option appraisal, transition planning and many other facets of developing a technology strategy are all areas in which external consultancy can provide assistance.

Our outstanding in-house expertise can help you maximize the return from your IT functions, providing trusted advice, outstanding service and enhanced value. Full program management or individual project skills are available as you need them. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, commitment, enthusiasm and total professionalism.

Agile Methodology

In Agile Methodology, the project is divided into different phases and each phase is split into small projects. This practice also encourages agility and ensures quick completion of the project. The application goes through extensive testing. This is done in order ensure delivery of a high quality, error-free and user-friendly web application. Another great advantage of this methodology is that it encourages client participation during all phases of application development. This ensures that the web application development team is always aware of its client’s exact need. This also helps the team prioritize their tasks. Client’s inputs are implemented during the development of the web application. This makes the end product more relevant for the client.